Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Providence Department Store

This was copied by Kodak Digital Camera, Model Z1275,
from The Providence (KY) Enterprise, August 13, 1912.
It was the Industrial, Historical Illustrated Edition.
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News from elsewhere on October 1, 1910:
Los Angeles, California

Friday, January 25, 2008

Crittenden County Natives with a Providence Business

This picture, made about 1914, shows a group of Crittenden County natives that at that time were identified with various business establishments in Providence. The picture was made in front of the Union National Bank, the building having been completed in 1913. J. D. Elder's drug store was in the side of the building later occupied by the post office.In the picture are : Front row, left to right,Miss Kattye Orr, Mrs. F. A. Casner, James Casner, Billie Baird,Fred Lemon, George Thomas, Kelly Simpson, Sam Asher, Sam Carnahan,Jack Ogilby.Back row, left to right, Otto Elder, J.D. Elder,W. B. Snow, F. A. Casner, Albert Orr, Rev. E. J. Simpson,Press Ford, Lynn Sigler, D. L. Ford and J. B. Simpson.Photo and this caption were published in the Centennial Supplement of the Providence Enterprise, July 18, 1940.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shady Grove Druggist Moves to Providence

My maternal grandparents, Juriah Simpson (1873-1961) and Jefferson Davis Elder (1862-1940) were married in 1892 in Shady Grove. On March 31, 1896 Mr. Elder bought a drug store in Shady Grove from a Mr. Asher.
In 1910 Mr and Mrs Elder and their five children moved to Providence. Mr. Elder immediately opened a pharmacy in the grocery department of the Providence Department Store.