Monday, March 10, 2008

Heating With Coal

The article in my earlier post, Providence (KY) in 1912,
reported that Providence had seventeen active mines.
For a list of mines, go to:

As you would guess, homes were heated by coal.
An early photo of the Historic J. D. Elder House, (Feb 8th post),
shows its TWO chimneys.
A later photo shows the LEFT chimney replaced.
The fireplaces were sealed and natural gas heaters installed in the 1950's.
There was no longer a need for the detached coal shed.
The Historic J. H. Slaton House, (Feb 11th post),
had a furnace in the basement - with coal delivered through
a coal chute near the front porch steps.
On our farm in Union County coal was delivered through the window shown behind our horse.

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